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"How Can you be mad with your best friend, when all she wants is the best for you."

Mendy Wimbrey ~

Christmas 2021

Loving Memory Mendy & Monte
The Original TiPi Tent Team
Vett men and me
Mendy & Cy
Me Men and GG
Men Me and Vette walking
You did it Men

My Soul Sister

To My Mimmey –


There will never, ever, ever be another Best Friend Like You.

Mimmey, I want the world to know how super special you are to me. Your love for me was undoubtably more precious than even I could understand. From day one, we clicked, and the rest was history. I want to Thank You, for every single minute of the day we spent together. I want to Thank You for truly loving me for me. I want to Thank You for choosing me as your Best Friend, I’m forever grateful.


I want to Thank You for allowing me to be the victim, even if it was only for a few minutes (Smile). I want to Thank You for walking, running, riding, and most of all sticking beside me every single day of our time here on this earth. YOU truly embodied what anyone would want to call a BEST FRIEND. I pray, you know how much I Love You, how happy I am that you allowed me to be Taylor’s Godmommy! As I promised you on the day SHE Chose me, I will be here for her until the better end. I Love You with my whole heart, My Mimmey, YOUR BEST FRIEND Cy!

40 Women Walking for 

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corporate festivals

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