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Corporate Soirees

Festivals have now become the THING! Wine Festivals, Cigar Festivals, Kids Festivals, Art Festivals, and even Folk Festivals are now like a holiday for many throughout the US.


TiPi Tent Soirees would like to make weekends at the festival a place where party goers save up, book their own personalized stay in a glamping pod with their friends and party the event away.

Tipi Tent Soirees provides various size teepee’s as large as 6.5M in diameter decorated in luxury. These tipis are a perfect fit for groups of 2pp up to 20pp with our luxurious and relaxing furniture.

All Soiree Packages include festival admission ticket, luxury decorative décor, and a complimentary bottle of wine!

If you are interested in booking a Bell Tent TiPi for any upcoming event click here!

In addition, our large tipis, Big Leaf Magnolias are perfect for the use as onsite bars, restaurants, wine vineyards, backstage artist areas and pamper parlors for weddings,– so whatever your outdoor structure needs are, we can help.

Wine on the Water 2021, Baltimore, MD


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Booking Local Festivals & Events

TiPi Tent Soirees is your premier glamping at the festival company! Want to level your game up and show out at the next wine festival?



 There is limited rentals per event

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