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The Mental Minute TiPi Soiree
Community Program

Our company has also partnered with an amazing mental health agency who is changing the game in mental health. We created an amazing way to reach the community buy setting up our Diva Bell Magnolia TiPi's at community health events providing them a safe place to host their "Mental Minute Sessions". The Mental Minute gives residents who live in housing projects in Baltimore an opportunity to speak with a licensed mental health provider for a few minutes on the spot.


We’d like to take a portion of the funds to purchase additional tipi’s just for the Mental Minute so they can host multiple sessions at the same time. Many communities in and around Baltimore, like most inner cities are being plagued with violence, murder, and poverty. Increasing their trauma and devastation. Being a part of a movement to heal communities with our tipi's, even if it's just for a few minutes at a time, is more rewarding than anything!

Mini TiPi Sleepover Soiree Sponsorship Program

Our entire team has been working with families in underserved communities for over 25yrs. As we branch out into the event planning industry, we will always keep a division that caters to our communities we serve. As we expand our market by adding our new line of Mini TiPi Sleepover Soirees for children, we are looking forward to hosting community driven events and programs. Working with community groups and allowing children who meet certain qualifications the opportunity to have a

FREE Mini TiPi Sleepover Soiree, ON US!

How Does Mini TiPi Sleepover Sponsorship Work?

When you sponsor a child's soiree birthday party, you’re helping  a child experience generosity, love, and commitment that we do-gooders know still exists in the world. Too many children right here in the U.S. and around the world actually are not always afforded the opportunity to be celebrated on a grand scale. Our mission is to see to it that we give as many children throughout the US an experience of luxury and a chance to be celebrated. We provide a FREE Mini Sleepover for one child once a month who meets our criteria. This is our way of giving back and building strong support for single mothers.  

When you sponsor a child in need, you can help make that experience come true.


What is Sponsorship?

Mini TiPi Sleepover Soirées Child sponsorship program is a unique program that allows children the ability to be celebrated on their Birthday by compassionate people like you! 

Becoming a sponsor means giving children from around the city the chance to see that people truly do want them to experience happiness, and grow up safe – forever changing their lives. You just might find that it changes you, too.

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How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Sponsoring a child with Mini TiPi Sleepover Soirées costs about $1 a day! You can become a sponsor for $39 a month.

Your sponsorship is truly an investment in children’s lives and happiness!


Why become a child sponsor with Save the Children?

The Mini TiPi Sleepover Soirées program was organized to offer support to parents who live in underserved communities where hosting a luxury birthday party is not an options for their child. We offer the opportunity for sponsors to help us celebrate an individual child. We look forward to becoming one of the most highly regarded charities in the world.


Mini TiPi Sleepover Sponsor Program 

The Mini TiPi Sleepover Soiree program gives people the chance to sponsor a child's birthday soiree. Make a child's birthday dream come true!

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Become a Mini Sleepover Sponsor

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Community/Corporate Events

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